The new ARGUS® 300 combines the functions of various fiber measurement devices and xDSL combi testers and is thus equally well equipped for existing and future tasks. It tests the bandwidth of numerous interfaces such as GPON, Ethernet, WLAN,, xDSL, 10 GigE and many more.


The ARGUS® 300 is a full-featured fiber tester that can be expanded in a variety of ways: ARGUS® GPON ONT, xPON-OPM, OTDR, Fiber Inspection Tool, ARGUS® Optical Power Meter and many more.


Numerous copper test options: Cable multimeter/DMM (U, R, C; RSym, CSym, NEXT, RFL and many more) and oscilloscope (Line Scope, TDR), DSL measurement on copper twisted pair.


The ARGUS® offers numerous high-speed tests up to 2.5 Gbit/s and out-of-service tests up to 10 Gbit/s.


The ARGUS® 300 supports rollout as well as maintenance and troubleshooting.


Its robust design combines the requirements for a compact hand-held meter in daily field use with the performance of a high-end tester. The ARGUS tester with touch-screen display enables intuitive navigation of the familiar ARGUS menu structure.

PON Installation Test

Guided PON installation test, ONT simulation, triple-play tests via GPON; display of PON ID in plain text, precise, calibrated attenuation measurement.


Sel. OPM for GPON and XGS-PON in one; readout of PON ID and XGS-PON ID without reconnection; full-fledged ONT simulation for GPON and XGS-PON; performant IP speed tests up to 2.5 Gbit/s


For highly accurate last mile troubleshooting, automatic mode and graphical track analysis event by event.



Fiber Inspection Tool (FIT)

ext. USB microscope for optical fiber inspection, optional: autofocus, digital zoom, pass/fail evaluation according to IEC 61300-3-35.

ARGUS® Optical Power Meter (OPM)

Optical Power Meter (OPM) in SFP form factor, live level display, measurement storage in measurement logs and measurement output as QR code, attenuation measurement with OLS.

Optical Fault Finder (OFF)

Simple optical fault location, detects different types of optical faults and determines the distance to each event.

Cable multimeter (DMM)

Copper tests: U=, U~, CSym, C, ISO, RSym, R, I=, LCL, NEXT, RFL, remote kit control, autotest.

Line Scope

Monitoring in time/frequency domain on all telecommunication lines as well as on active lines with up to 200 VDC and 40 Vpp, detection of interferers/interference signals


ARGUS® 300 - Kupfer-Autotest


Determination of cable length, determination and detection of short circuits, interruptions, mismatches, stubs, moisture, pupin coils, loose contacts.

DSL measurement on Copper twisted pairs

Measurement on ADSL, VDSL, SHDSL, 106/212 and bonding.


Client /Server mode, TCP throughput down-/upload, ARGUS® against ARGUS®

ARGUS® Real Speed

Throughput test, evaluation TCP throughput according to RFC 6349, up to 2.5 Gbit/s.


ARGUS® 300 - Speedtest


Throughput, latency, frame loss, data rate, duration, limits adjustable, maximum data rate: up to 10 GBase-T.


Net frame size adjustable, tests: CIR, EIR, traffic policing, service performance, layer selectable, maximum data rate: 10 Gbit/s (10 GBase-T).


Ideal for opening up and documenting new fiber optic infrastructure for the rapid rollout of modern optical networks.


ARGUS® 300 - Anwendungsbereiche


Maintenance and testing of modern broadband interfaces based on copper as well as in the fiber optics area and on old PBX systems, troubleshooting and fault finding in WLAN.


Here you will find all important information about the data of the ARGUS® 300.


With your wishes, suggestions and criticism, you help us to identify potential for improvement so that we can more than meet your requirements in the future.

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The versatile measurement and testing options for fiber optics such as OTDR, OPM, GPON, OFF, Fiber Inspection Tool and the innovative and simple operation of the Argus® 300 has greatly impressed us. This is accompanied by a first-class, very friendly sales and support, which stands by you 100% in case of problems, intec does not leave you out in the cold like the other suppliers!

Dear intec team from us you get 5 stars, keep up the good work and stay as you are!

Thomas Mayr, managing director / MayKom GmbH
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The light. Since the big bang, it has been transporting information through time and space. We have learned to use the light to transport our information in a targeted manner. To exchange data and share information at the speed of light. And this journey is by far not over...

Do not lose touch and get ready for the future.

  • The ARGUS® 300 combines the functions of conventional fiber testers in one device and enables testing at all protocol levels. From the Fiber Inspection Tool and OTDR to the PON installation test.

  • As a real combi tester, the ARGUS® 300 also allows measurements on all copper-based interfaces, both on classic VDSL connections and on in combination with fiber.

  • And as a speed test specialist, the ARGUS® 300 also provides support for all speed and bandwidth tasks in all networks and at all connection types. From iperf speed tests or high-speed download and upload tests to standardized out-of-service applications.